Justin, Hair Transplant

For Justin, a Sydneysider, looking at his receding hairline was becoming getting frustrating. After researching several companies and medical tourism operators, Justin chose Asthetica. We caught up with him to ask about his experience.

Fast facts

  • Name: Justin
  • Age: 45
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Procedure: Hair Transplant

Justin's hair transplant procedure

For Justin, a Sydneysider, looking at photos of himself with a receding hairline was getting a bit frustrating. He knew he could look better and wanted to look better. After researching several Australia-based hair transplant companies and medical tourism operators, Justin chose Asthetica. We caught up with him to ask him about his hair transplant experience with us and how his recovery is coming along.

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What did you dislike about your appearance/hairline?

In any photos I would see of myself, my hairline was noticeably receding. I wanted it to look better and I guess I would probably feel a bit more confident if my hairline was back where it was years ago.

What prompted you to look at having a hair transplant abroad vs your home country?

Two key things really – the exceptional quality of the surgeons and the price. My hair transplant doctor had performed this operation over 2000 times! I knew they were highly qualified and experienced but that surprised me.  I got some quotes for a hair transplant in Australia but they were pricey. I had heard about Turkey being popular for hair transplants so I looked into it – costs were a fraction of what they are in Australia. I think I saved around 50% all up, even with flights, accommodation, and doctor fees all included.

“I had a great experience with Asthetica. From the first phone call, they just made everything easy. It was hassle-free and it was clear they were well experienced. My hair transplant went perfectly – really, really happy with the results.”

Justin, Sydney, Australia

Why did you decide on Turkey for your procedure? 

I looked at Australia, but I wanted someone really experienced without paying an exorbitant amount. It was a lot cheaper than Australia and I got so much more for my money. Plus, I loved the idea of recovering away from nosy neighbours and having a holiday.

Why did you choose Asthetica for your procedure?

Having a local provider to answer questions in the lead up to my surgery proved to be invaluable. I didn’t have to worry about talking with a Turkish company and dealing with time zones or language barriers. Asthetica managed all arrangements for me – everything – so it really was a seamless experience. They were great.

Was there anything you didn’t expect during your experience?

Not really. I was so well briefed prior to going, that there was very little left to know that would surprise me.

How did you find your consultations before you left your home country? 

I was in regular contact with Asthetica in the lead-up. We discussed things I had to do pre and post-surgery, such as not drinking alcohol in the weeks prior and what to expect from the doctors. I sent photos of my hair and was informed about the procedure, what’s involved and what they would do to get the best hair result for me.

What was your pre-surgery experience like? 

I was met at the airport and taken to my hotel in a private transfer. In the morning, I was met at the hotel and taken to the hospital where I met my concierge and translator, who was my guide for the duration of my stay. Having a translator as part of the package gave me that extra reassurance that nothing would be lost in translation in case I had any more questions. I was kept informed about everything and felt very comfortable.

“I chose Asthetica because they are UK and Australia based, so I don’t have to deal with an overseas company and the time differences and language barrier. Plus I had access to Aussie nurses for my aftercare if I needed it when I came home. So it was a no-brainer.”

Justin, Sydney, Australia

What was your post-surgery experience like?

I have been in regular contact with the team and they are always quick to answer any questions I had, like I was concerned my hair wasn’t growing back quick enough and checking if I was doing everything right. As well contacting the Asthetica team, I could call up and speak to Australian nurses – that was good. That level of aftercare was one of the things that made me choose Asthetica.

Are you happy with your results?

So far, yes. It’s still early days and I am currently in the ‘ugly ducking’ phase! The next few months will be very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing the final result.

Would you recommend a hair transplant in Turkey?

Yes. The quality of the doctors and the price make it way better than what is available in Australia. You just get so much more for your money and the quality of healthcare is second to none. Istanbul is an incredible place. And if you are using Asthetica I don’t know why you wouldn’t get it done in Turkey really.

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