DHI Hair Transplant.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

At Asthetica, we specialise in providing exceptional DHI hair transplant procedures in Turkey at 30% to 70% less than the UK and Australia. We've spent years sourcing the best hair transplant surgeons and provide all-inclusive packages to make your experience enjoyable, seamless and hassle-free.

Fast facts

  • Operation Time: 4-8 hours
  • Type of Anaesthesia: Local
  • Recovery Time: 7 days
  • Scarring: No scarring (invisible scars where the grafts are extracted)
  • Common Names: DHI hair implants, DHI hair restoration, DHI hair replacement

About the DHI Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair loss is a common problem that affects many people – of both sexes and all ages.

The causes of hair loss can range from a simple vitamin deficiency (which is often temporary) or stress, to more complex matters, such as genetic or hormone-related issues and other underlying health conditions. In most cases, hair loss can be effectively (and permanently) treated through cuttin edge DHI hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

What is a DHI hair transplant in turkey?

DHI (direct hair implantation) is the most innovative and advanced hair extraction and implantation technique, offering natural results and a faster healing process. Offering a permanent and natural hair restoration solution, the DHI method involves the extraction of healthy hair follicles from the donor area, followed by the implantation of those hair follicles into the recipient area which lacks hair.

DHI is considered one of the world’s most effective hair loss treatments and can be applied to areas such as the crown, hairline, beard, moustache and eyebrows.

Remember, this is not a wig or anything fake or false; it is your hair – just redistributed to give you a permanent, natural solution. So, the only thing you need to ask yourself is – why wait?

For DHI hair transplant before and after results, please view our gallery below.

Pricing for DHI hair transplant in turkey

If you’re looking for a DHI hair transplant, our prices start from £3,893 or $8,555 (Australian dollars). This pricing includes:

  • Private, unshared transfers from the airport to your hotel, and to/from your medical appointment/s at the hospital
  • Hospital and surgical fees
  • Hospital and 4* or 5* hotel stay (this duration varies depending on your procedure. Find out more in ‘Fast Facts’ above)
  • Daily breakfast at your hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during your hospital stay
  • Comprehensive aftercare during and after your procedure
  • Phone access to UK and Australian registered nurses on your return home.

Please book a free, no-obligation call for a personalised quote.

What to expect with an Asthetica dhi hair transplant in turkey

Many of our clients have said the main reason they opt for a hair transplant abroad is the prohibitive cost of the procedure in their home country (UK and Australia). We understand that, and that’s we have spent years sourcing the best hair transplant surgeons overseas.

As the world leader in hair transplant procedures, Turkey is the best location for a first-class hair transplant experience. We have partnered with leading surgeons and hospitals in Istanbul and offer all-inclusive packages for our clients. Read our 5 reasons why everyone is choosing Turkey for cosmetic surgery.

  • Leading hair transplant surgeons. Known for its reputation as the global leader in hair transplants, Turkey’s cosmetic surgeons have exceptional skills and extensive qualifications and experience. To become a surgeon in Turkey you must undertake years of study and training and become board-certified. It is a similar process to the UK.  Meet our surgeons.
  • Save 30% to 70%. Not only will you have access to the best surgeons in the business, you’ll also save up to 70% on your procedure compared to the UK or Australia. We package your procedure with a luxury holiday experience. A dedicated Client Consultant will arrange your accommodation, hospital bookings and more. And you’ll still save money rather than having the procedure at home!
  • All-inclusive, personalised packages. 4* or 5 accommodation, private transfers to your hotel and appointments, all hospital and surgery fees and a comprehensive aftercare plan are included in all our packages. We can customise packages to suit your needs. You can even bring along friends or family and arrange excursions and tours – simply let us know!

Read case studies from our clients who had their hair transplants in Turkey.

Benefits of a DHI hair transplant in turkey

One of the advantages of the DHI hair transplant procedure in Turkey is that it gives the surgeon full control over the angle, depth, and placement of the hair. The final result is a completely natural look. The common result of these two procedures is that the full results begin to appear twelve months after the treatment.

A DHI hair transplant has a quicker recovery period and can achieve more hair thickness than the FUE hair transplant technique. However, the FUE method is ideal for covering large regions of the scalp.

So which is better, a DHI hair transplant or a FUE hair transplant? Check out our quick guide!

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“My hair transplant turned out even better than I expected. It’s nice to look in the mirror and seeing a younger me! Yeah, would definitely recommend Asthetica to anyone thinking of getting a hair transplant done."

James, Sussex, UK


While each package is bespoke, the cost of accommodation, the procedure and aftercare are all included in our quote.


In most cases, DHI hair transplants are permanent and will last a lifetime.

Once the healing process is complete, hair will continuously sprout from the new roots.

However, in some cases, over the course of several years new hair growth may gradually slow, so additional ‘touch up’ surgery may be required.

✓ World-Class Surgeons

✓ Internationally Accredited Facilities

✓ Comprehensive Aftercare Plan

✓ Phone Access to UK & Australian Registered Nurses

✓ Dedicated Client Consultant

✓ Bespoke Itinerary

Peace of Mind

With Asthetica, safety and quality of care are at the forefront of all we do. And this extends right through to aftercare and beyond.

You will have your own dedicated Client Consultant to support you throughout the entire process – from your initial consultation, right through to aftercare. You will also have phone access to our UK and Australian registered nurses.

Your Client Consultant is there to answer all your questions, make you feel at ease and ensure your experience is an enjoyable one. They will assist you with all surgery-related matters and put together a custom itinerary for you. They will also take care of all travel, accommodation and excursions.

With Asthetica, you will receive the greatest care before, during and after your procedure.

World-Leading Surgeons

We have spent years sourcing the best medical professionals in their field, each with a proven track record of outstanding results.

At Asthetica, we ensure our clients receive the best treatment available. Please refer to our ‘DHI results’ images below.

Internationally Accredited Clinics

Every procedure is undertaken at an internationally accredited clinic, which features the latest equipment and technology.

Custom Packages

At Asthetica, we will create a bespoke itinerary to meet your every need and ensure your trip is hassle-free.

Whether you want to fly-in fly-out, or extend your stay with a fabulous holiday, we will wrap everything into a convenient package for you.

We Handle Everything

Our friendly team are here to cater to your every need.

We can arrange:

  • Surgeons & procedure bookings
  • Medical assessments
  • Hospital correspondence
  • Flights & transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Visas
  • Tours & excursions
  • Bespoke itineraries for family & friends

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive, transparent pricing, without compromising on the quality of your healthcare.

DHI Hair Transplant Financing Options

We also offer an excellent finance option should you wish to stagger your payments.

We have partnered with TLC, the leading medical finance providers. All payments are paid to a UK bank account to ensure maximum security for our clients.

A DHI hair transplant is a cutting-edge surgical procedure which involves the immediate transplantation of healthy hair follicles from an area of the body with high hair density (the donor area) to an area with thin, balding or no hair (the recipient area).

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. This method differs from other hair transplant techniques in the way that the grafts are implemented. Using state-of-the-art technology, this innovative technique allows the grafts to be inserted in a single step, without the need to open any channels prior to implantation.

The procedure is minimally-invasive, less painful and results in minimal (if any) scarring compared with other techniques.

Unlike other hair transplant methods which require the surgeon to manually open channels (slits) in your skin (most often the scalp) before implanting the hair follicles, the DHI technique works by transplanting the hair follicles (or grafts) in one single step.

This is done using a state-of-the-art Choi implant tool (or pen) with a hollow needle.

DHI hair treatment involves the following key steps:

  • Donor & Recipient Area Marking: Your surgeon will mark the donor area(s) and draw out your new hairline (the recipient area).
  • Anaesthesia: Your surgeon will apply local anaesthetic to both the donor area and recipient area. As a result, you won’t feel either the harvesting or the implantation.
  • Harvesting / Extraction: The DHI technique does not require your hair to be shaved and the procedure is minimally invasive. The surgeon will extract the hair follicles (grafts) one by one from the donor area (usually the back of your head where the hair tends to be thickest).
  • Implantation: The hair follicles (grafts) are then individually inserted into the Choi pen. This device allows the follicles to be directly implanted by pressure into the recipient area, without the need to create channels or slits in the skin.

This optimises the survival of the grafts, minimises intrusion, and reduces the healing period.

Your surgeon will carefully determine the angle, direction and depth of hair growth, as well as the spacing between each follicle.

This process takes several hours, as each follicle must be carefully implanted at the correct angle, to achieve a natural-looking result.

The DHI technology for hair transplants is the most advanced in world, allowing for a less invasive surgery, a less painful recovery and a faster healing process.

DHI is the least invasive and the least painful hair transplant technique.

While pain tolerance varies from person to person, generally patients experience very little pain.

The area will be fully anaesthetised during the procedure, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. After the procedure, you may experience some discomfort or soreness in the treated area, but you will be given pain relief medication for this.

You may experience some mild itching, swelling and bleeding.

We will check on the implanted grafts following your procedure and advise on how best to care for the area.  You will receive a comprehensive aftercare plan, as well as any required medication and access to registered nurses in the UK and Australia.

Post-surgery, the area may be tender, but you can generally return to work 2 to 5 days later.

2 to 3 weeks after your procedure, your transplanted hair will fall out, which allows for new hair growth and is completely normal.

The results of your hair restoration will be visible in 6 to 9 months post-surgery.

As DHI does not require any incisions, there is no permanent scarring. Temporary scarring is possible, however it is rarely seen and generally disappears within 5 days.

Potential side effects include:

  • scalp pain, itching, and swelling
  • inflammation of hair follicles (folliculitis)
  • bleeding
  • infections
  • crust or pus drainage around the surgical sites
  • loss of sensation around the surgical sites

With Asthetica, DHI hair transplant prices start from just £1350 and are a flat fee, regardless of the number of grafts you may require.

Many operators charge by the number of grafts that you need, which can ultimately lead to the procedure becoming expensive.

Please note, however, pricing will vary depending on your country of origin (which impacts flight costs) and your package inclusions (e.g. additional excursions, extended accommodation stays, etc.).

We offer complete transparency around our pricing and package inclusions, to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable.

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