Couples Cosmetic Package

Our Couples Cosmetic Package can give you and your partner a confidence boost and take years off your appearance. Fully customisable packages so you can choose the procedures that suit you both best. We welcome all couples.

About the package

Ready for an enhancement to take years off your appearance? Do you and your partner need a boost? Keen to get an enhancement for 30% to 70% less than what you would pay at home? Discover our Couples Cosmetic Package.

Life happens. We all get busy with work and family and sometimes we don’t take enough time for ourselves; whether that’s a pamper session at the salon or simply having a bubble bath and reading a good book. Whatever your fancy, everyone needs pamper time to make themselves feel refreshed and rejuvenated again.

We’ve had many clients mention that they want to bring their partner for a cosmetic treatment and couple pampering. So we’ve put together our Couples Cosmetic Package.

What does the Couples Cosmetic Package include?

The Couples Cosmetic Package will be personalised so you can both get exactly what you want. Perhaps he wants a hair transplant and teeth whitening and she wants liposuction and dermal fillers? Any which way, Asthetica can make it work for you. Enjoy a luxurious holiday in beautiful Turkey and get a pamper and cosmetic ‘glow up’ at the same time.

While all our packages are customisable, some of our popular Couples Cosmetic Packages include:

Couples Cosmetic Package 1

Couples Cosmetic Package 2

Couples Cosmetic Package 3

We are an inclusive business and offer packages to suit all couples. Every package is personalised to you so simply let us know what you are seeking, and we will work together to create a perfect package for you and your partner.

If you’d like to know more about our Couples Cosmetic Packages and create your own customised experience, simply book a call with our friendly team. Our packages include 4* or 5* accommodation, transport to and access to UK and Australian registered nurses on your return home for any of your aftercare needs.

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