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Fast facts

  • Procedure Time: 1.5 - 3 hours
  • Type of Anaesthesia: General
  • Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks (avoid heavy lifting)
  • Scarring: inner arm from elbow to armpit, fades overtime
  • Common Names: brachioplasty, arm lift, limited arm lift, LA arm lift, Los Angeles arm lift, short-scar arm lift, extended arm lift, extended brachioplasty, mini brachioplasty, minimal incision brachioplasty, arm liposuction.

About the procedure

A brachioplasty, or arm lift, is cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the underside of the upper arms. Commonly referred to as ‘bat wings’ or ‘bingo wings’, the loose skin that hangs from the arms as we age, or after weight loss, can create discomfort and a lack of self-confidence.

The benefits of brachioplasty surgery to remove this extra skin in the upper arms are:

✓ More defined and toned appearance

✓ Restored comfort

✓ Slimmer arm circumference

✓ No more inflammation/rash

✓ No more problems with hygiene or odour

✓ Relief of lymphoedema

✓ Improved self-esteem

✓ Renewed confidence to wear sleeveless tops/shirts.

For brachioplasty before and after results, please view our gallery below.

What does arm lift surgery involve?

Brachioplasty surgery involves the removal of stretched, loose skin from the armpit to the elbow. Once removed, sutures secure and tighten the skin creating a more streamlined shape. A brachioplasty is commonly combined with liposuction. This is where fat deposits are removed from the arm and skin is also removed.

A brachioplasty notably improves the appearance of the upper arms. While weight-bearing exercise improves muscle tone, only arm lift surgery can transform the appearance of loose sagging skin in the forelimbs to transform the shape of the arms. Brachioplasty surgery provides relief for people who experience chaffing, rash, inflammation, or hygiene issues due to these extra skinfolds.

Who is a good candidate for a brachioplasty?

Perfect candidates for brachioplasty surgery are people who have skin that noticeably hangs from their forelimbs. This can be caused by significant weight loss or ageing, as our skin changes over time and loses its elasticity. Some people are genetically predisposed to this condition. It’s important to note that arm lift surgery is not a substitute for weight loss and candidates should be close to their ideal weight.


Package available

This procedure is available in the ‘Take the Girls’ Ladies Cosmetic Packages package, which includes other procedures commonly performed together.


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