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Asthetica is your trusted medical tourism agency, providing you with the best available treatment – in a safe, supportive environment. Save time, money and stress – without compromising on the quality of your healthcare. Life is too short not to have the body you deserve. We can cater for most price points and ensure you get the best outcome.

A Medical Tourism Facilitator with a Difference

At Asthetica, our core focus is to make overseas travel for medical and cosmetic procedures safe, reliable, and easy for our clients. We are here to save you time, money, and stress – taking away the guesswork and mitigating the risks and challenges of dealing with an unknown clinic overseas.

We understand that undergoing a medical procedure in a foreign country can be a daunting prospect. We’re here to hold your hand and put your mind at ease – from our first phone call, to the end of your aftercare and beyond.

Working with leading medical professionals .

The medical professionals we work with are world-leading in their field and have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.

But we are a medical tourism travel agency with a difference: we offer an unmatched level of service that extends beyond standard medical tourism assistance. At Asthetica, we specialise in luxury, hand-crafted holidays and unforgettable experiences – at affordable prices.

What do we offer you?

You will have a dedicated Client Consultant who will create a bespoke itinerary for you and guide you throughout the entire process. They are there to take care of everything for you – travel schedules, medical and accommodation arrangements, tours, excursions and more. Your positive experience is paramount to us, which is why you will also have access to local nurses in the UK and Australia, both before and after your treatment.

Bespoke Medical Tourism Packages

At Asthetica, positive customer experience is our primary focus, which is why clients recommend us to their friends. We are not a fan of the cookie-cutter approach.

Your dedicated Client Consultant will take the time to gain a full understanding of your unique set of requirements – and from there we will create a bespoke package which aligns perfectly with your individual needs.

Matching you with the most suitable professional based on your needs

We will carefully match you with the most suitable surgeon or cosmetic nurse, based on your surgical and aesthetic objectives, as well as your medical history and physiological attributes. Because every itinerary is custom-created, the opportunities are infinite.

We are on hand to arrange as much – or as little – as you want us to. From booking your procedure(s), airline tickets, transfers, and accommodation; to arranging travel visas, hospital admissions, documentation and aftercare; to scheduling excursions and special requests – we can take care of it all.

Cosmetic Packages

Specialising in medical tourism for cosmetic surgery, we have meticulously sourced the best surgeons and internationally accredited hospitals to partner with – to ensure our clients receive the best care available.

Asthetica is a UK and Australian-owned company and one of the leading medical tourism companies in Turkey. The added benefit of dealing with Asthetica is that you are have a local company offering and end-to-end managed process for you. We provide support both during your trip and when you return home – in fact, all the way through your journey to achieving the body you deserve.

Your travel destination will largely be determined by which medical professional(s) are most suited to your unique requirements, but equally we understand that you may have a country you would love to visit.

Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey and Beyond

In 2020, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported that Turkey is in the top 10 countries, worldwide, for cosmetic surgery procedures. Turkey is also #2 most popular country for rhinoplasties (nose jobs) and is recognised as the world leader in hair transplants.

What are the medical standards in Turkey?

After graduating from medical school, students sit exams to qualify for entrance to the Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Program. On acceptance, they must complete a six and a half year residency before being recognised as a Certified Plastic Surgeon, MD. Cosmetic surgeons must be members of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health regulates all clinics and hospitals and each must meet the ministry’s strict medical, health and sanitation standards.

In addition to Turkey (Istanbul), we also offer bespoke medical tourism holidays to South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali.

“It was an easy decision to choose Asthetica. They were easy to deal with and very well priced. Plus, I liked the fact they had aftercare with Australian-registered nurses on my return home.”

David, Sydney, Australia

“I had a great experience with Asthetica. From the first phone call, they just made everything easy. It was hassle-free and it was clear they were well experienced. My hair transplant went perfectly – really, really happy with the results.”

Justin, Sydney, Australia

“When I spoke to Asthetica, it was clear that the person I was speaking to had personal experience of a hair transplant in Turkey. So I felt really reassured -they really knew what they were talking about. I had a great experience.”  

James, Sussex, UK

“I saved about 40% or 50% compared to the quotes I received from Australian companies. That was even with flights and accommodation included. Really incredible value.”

David, Sydney, Australia

“I chose Asthetica because they are UK and Australia based, so I don’t have to deal with an overseas company and the time differences and language barrier. Plus I had access to Aussie nurses for my aftercare if I needed it when I came home. So it was a no-brainer.”

Justin, Sydney, Australia

“My hair transplant turned out even better than I expected. It’s nice to look in the mirror and seeing a younger me! Yeah, would definitely recommend Asthetica to anyone thinking of getting a hair transplant done."

James, Sussex, UK

“I was impressed by the quality and expertise of the surgeons. Their credentials and experience were second-to-none. Turkey have strict medical standards on par with Australia which gave me that extra reassurance.”

David, Sydney, Australia

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