James, Hair Transplant

James, from Sussex UK, chose Asthetica for his hair transplant procedure. Now with a full head of hair, James tells us about his “life changing” experience with us in Turkey.

Fast facts

  • Name: James
  • Age: 39
  • Location: Sussex, UK
  • Procedure: Hairline Restoration / Hair Transplant

James' hair transplant procedure

If you could restore your receding hairline, would you? A resounding ‘yes!’ was James’ answer. A 39-year-old Brit, James chose Asthetica for his hair transplant. Fully recovered with a full head of hair, James tells us about his “life changing” experience in Turkey.

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What did you dislike about your appearance/hairline?

For years, since my mid-twenties probably, my hairline had been receding at the sides and the front. And it was going to keep receding unless I did something about it.

What prompted you to look at having a hair transplant abroad vs your home country?

 I wanted to look into the most cost-effective option and also bring an element of travel and experience into it. Also, I knew I would probably feel a bit self-conscious with the bandage after surgery, so I didn’t want to bump into people I knew whilst I was healing. I did some Googling at it looked like Turkey was the number 1 place for hair transplants worldwide. It’s close to the UK so I investigated it further.

 Why did you decide on Turkey for your procedure?

After doing lots of research, Turkey has a very good reputation for hair transplants, and I had heard it was a beautiful country to visit too. As for the cost side of things, I was amazed just how reasonably priced the procedure was there compared to the UK. I thought it could be a bit pricey, given they are the leading place for hair transplant procedures.

“When I spoke to Asthetica, it was clear that the person I was speaking to had personal experience of a hair transplant in Turkey. So I felt really reassured -they really knew what they were talking about. I had a great experience.”  

James, Sussex, UK

Why did you choose Asthetica for your procedure?

There are so many companies in Turkey that I was concerned I would choose the wrong one. And some of the websites had average English translation so I didn’t want to get to Turkey and feel disappointed or worried. Asthetica has a UK office, so I felt more comfortable dealing with a local company. They talked me through everything and I saw lots of before and after photos of successful results. Their hospitals are all top-notch and they answered all my queries so it, made complete sense to use Asthetica.

What surprised you / was there anything you didn’t expect during your experience?

What blew me away was the results. Seriously, I feel 10 years younger.

Did you have a consultation with the Turkish clinic before you left your home country? If so, what was discussed? If not, did you feel comfortable not having a consultation?

My consultations were with Asthetica. I shared pictures with them and they came back with real term expectations on what I should expect and stepped me through the whole process. They were confident that I could get the result I wanted and that made me feel at ease. They knew what they were talking about and I liked dealing directly with them rather than back and forth with a Turkish company.

What was your pre-surgery experience like? What did the staff do to make you feel at ease?

Really good. I was picked up by my driver and taken to the hospital. The nurses were so nice and professional. I had a translator with me – it was part of the Asthetica package – so I knew nothing would get lost in translation. I spoke with the surgeon and he stepped me through the process again and clearly explained any potential complications to me. The risks are pretty low, but I felt comfortable he gave me the opportunity to ask more questions (which I didn’t need to).

“My hair transplant turned out even better than I expected. It’s nice to look in the mirror and seeing a younger me! Yeah, would definitely recommend Asthetica to anyone thinking of getting a hair transplant done."

James, Sussex, UK

What was your post-surgery experience like? 

Great. I had excellent aftercare while I was in Turkey and when I got back to the UK. I could have called the Asthetica aftercare line if I needed to, but I didn’t. Recovery went well and I stuck to my aftercare plan like washing my hair properly, avoiding the sun… things like that.

Are you happy with your results? 

Yes. Life changing!

Would you recommend a hair transplant in Turkey? If so, why?

Yes, definitely. They are ultimate professionals and my results are amazing!

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